Cooking Under the Stasi: Passover Desserts

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I did it while the orthodox master (aka “the beast”) was at temple. Evidently on Pesach you can’t cook for the same night you’re eating, but yesterday I didn’t have time to make the desserts. So, we waited. We tiptoed around the cupboard to find the kosher for Passover (icky) ingredients. We washed each dish promptly after use.

The cookies turned out a bit grainy because of the matzoh meal, but the brownies are pretty damn good… from an LA Times recipe… ground almonds, melted dark chocolate, sugar, potato starch, eggs, you get my drift.

Thankfully the food police didn’t catch us… well, not just yet.


I Just Gave Birth to a Passover Feast: It’s not a Goy

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I have no energy to write an actual post right now. Just made 13 pounds of chicken tagine for passover. And hashem only knows what else. Here is a peek into my Passover seder. Made meat-stuffed peppers, matzoh ball soup, gifiltah fish, beets, spinach, ribs, roast… Can’t think… My family better appreciate this shiznit. More to come!!!!

Countdown to Kulov Tea Festival!

Last year’s Kulov Tea Festival was eye-opening: I learned how to make matcha properly; watched a freaky yogi tea lady in a bright pink wig bounce around Royal/T Cafe; and spent way too much money on loose-leaf teas.

But, unlike the crap I buy at Urban Outfitters, I actually use this stuff. Reviewing my pics from last year, I look forward to coming again now that I know a little bit more about tea. It’s at the same venue as last year, May 13-15th.

There will be tea tastings, workshops and tea labs about tea-infused desserts, biodynamic teas, tea and meditation, and rare and aged teas. Some purveyors you may recognize will be Algabar Tea, Matcha Source, Naivetea, Sencha Naturals, Zhena‚Äôs Gypsy Tea, etc. Who’s with me?