Thai-style Pho and More at The Rustic Spoon in NoHo

We were craving pho, but not willing to drive 30 minutes or more to get out of North Hollywood. After some googling we decided on The Rustic Spoon, a quaint Thai-fusion restaurant in NoHo. It’s a cute little place with friendly waiters and a Christmas light-lined patio. The pho wasn’t traditional Vietnamese, because we were at a Thai restaurant, duh, but it hit our craving. My date didn’t like the addition of cilantro, but I love it pretty much on anything.

We also ordered pad see ew and curry noodles, both filling. We were in noodle heaven. The curry noodles had a nice spicy kick, but I would have preferred another noodle other than udon … something thinner perhaps. The service was kind of slow, but I’d definitely go back. I keep telling myself it’s because they make each dish from scratch. The drink selection is a perk: We ordered a bloody lychee and herbal tea which had creative presentations. For Thai food though it’s not cheap. Our bill came out to $40, pre-tip. But we saved a few bucks on gas.


2 thoughts on “Thai-style Pho and More at The Rustic Spoon in NoHo

  1. Girl, expound. What makes it “Thai”, besides it was served in a Thai restaurant, and came w/ cilantro. Cuz you know, Mexican restaurants use cilantro, and if they stewed pho noodles, it wouldn’t be Mexican pho… 😉

    • ahhaah. true true… i am no pho expert, but there weren’t too many differences. Maybe the flavor of the broth? The noodles were in a clump though, like in one blob… is that Thai-style? 😉

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