Froyo-Freaks, Bigg Chill New Topping Alert!

Bigg Chill, where all my extra cash ends up, has new toppings! Yey! I’m a huge fan of cookie dough, but usually yogurt shops only sell the dried out, hard, flavorless kinds because they can’t sell anything with real raw egg (right?). But now there’s vegan cookie dough that looks and almost tastes like the real thing. It’s gooey like cookie dough and the chocolate chips are great, the only difference is it’s a bit more grainy… not sure why. But I ate every single glob of it. I needed it after eating sushi laced with glass. But that’s another blog.

There’s also strawberry and mango boba, but I’m not ready to dive into that bag yet. I like boba in Thai iced tea … maybe next time.


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