Cooking Under the Stasi: Passover Desserts

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I did it while the orthodox master (aka “the beast”) was at temple. Evidently on Pesach you can’t cook for the same night you’re eating, but yesterday I didn’t have time to make the desserts. So, we waited. We tiptoed around the cupboard to find the kosher for Passover (icky) ingredients. We washed each dish promptly after use.

The cookies turned out a bit grainy because of the matzoh meal, but the brownies are pretty damn good… from an LA Times recipe… ground almonds, melted dark chocolate, sugar, potato starch, eggs, you get my drift.

Thankfully the food police didn’t catch us… well, not just yet.


3 thoughts on “Cooking Under the Stasi: Passover Desserts

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! These Passover brownies look amazing! I took part in my first Passover with some friends last week and it was pretty awesome…Although I’m sure not all of our food was 100% kosher. It’s the thought that counts though, right?

    • thanks so much for reading, Danielle 🙂 It is so hard to follow all of the strict Passover rules. Sometimes you need to go to several markets just to get all of the proper ingredients, and boil the pots, etc. Such a pain! They were so sinful, I really piled in the dark chocolate. I still have the extra three pounds on my thighs.

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